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You’re Not Alone In This Financial Crisis Anymore

We’re here to fight for your rights because we know Bankruptcy Can help YOU Get A Fresh Start!

Getting The Debt Behind You Starts With A FREE Strategy Session

You don’t have to fend off your creditors alone or face the overwhelming stack of bills and sleepless nights in solitude anymore. We’ve helped so many people in our area to get a fresh start, many of whom faced crippling debt through no fault of their own (perhaps because of divorce, medical problems, or layoffs).

These are good, hardworking people who finally decided that enough was enough. Once they do decide that they’re ready to get some expert advice about how to get the debt behind them, they nearly always say they wish they hadn’t waited so long to consult with us.


Because they had viable, legal options that got them back on track – often times a lot faster than they anticipated. You do too. There ARE solutions to the financial problems you’re facing. We’re confident that we can help you understand those options (by explaining them in plain English) and even understand what you can expert during the process of financial recovery and afterward.

Most people put off seeking expert advice because they fear being judged or they simply don’t want to deal with this issue. But if you’re here, chances are that something has happened to bring you here today and you have decided that… finally … enough is enough and that filing bankruptcy may be your solution. Good for you!

We can’t wait to help you see all the avenues available to you now. And you’ll feel it when you call us to schedule your free consultation… we’re people you can finally count on to treat you with respect. It’ll be a refreshing change from the beating you might be taking from your creditors. You’ll see. Call us today. 972-243-3960.

The 30 minutes we spend with you explaining the bankruptcy solutions that might work best for you might be the smartest 30 minutes you spend this year!